Profusion Kefir Fizz11

New Profusion Organic Kefir Fizz

Our new Profusion Kefir Fizz is carefully brewed using only the finest organic ingredients. Made with vegan water kefir cultures, this drink is alive, invigorating and full of healthy bacteria.
By using apple juice to start the fermentation process, we also ensure that our Kefir Fizz is free from any beet and cane sugar, making this drink a delicious alternative to alcoholic beverages or conventional fizzy drinks.

Available in two tantalising flavours: Tropical Turmeric & Zesty Lime and Dragonfruit. Which one will you be reaching for first?

Profusion Kimchi

Incorporating fermented veggies in to your diet is a brilliant way to help keep friendly bacteria thriving. Profusion Organic Kimchi is made with fresh fermented cabbage and seasoned with chilli for a warm, spicy and tangy flavour. Add to salads, stir-fries or enjoy as a simple side dish. Your gut will thank us for it.

Profusion Kimchi 2

Have you tried our Kombucha?

Have you converted to Kombucha yet? This lightly sparkling fermented green tea drink is organic, raw and alive with all the good stuff. Full of friendly bacteria, it’s great for your digestion and will definitely put a spring in your step.

Profusion Kombucha 2

Happy Valentine’s Day from Profusion

Looking for a gift for your favourite foodie friend, this Valentines? Spread the love and give them a taste of the Himalayas with our beautiful Profusion Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Mill! A little twist in a dish makes all the difference.

Profusion Salt Mill 2

Sam Eastwood

Profusion Ambassador – Sam Eastwood Q&A

English celebrity trainer Sam Eastwood started her career in fitness representing the UK in long distance running and trampolining. Travelling around the world, Sam developed a love of good nutrition and fitness and set out to find her own healthy way to stay lean and energized. She started mixing different styles of fitness – blending cardio disciplines with core strength training to keep her body strong & lean. Alas, the makings of her Get Set approach to fitness was born.
Now based in the UK, Sam has just finished working on set of the new Mummy movie (due for release in 2017) and is about to start an exciting new project. Working predominantly on strength and conditioning, Sam fuses high tech pilates workouts with various cardio activities to help actors build strength and stamina.

We’ve been talking to Sam about some of her top tips to stay fit and healthy:

  1. What’s your top tip for a healthy lifestyle?

Move well, eat well and take time out to do the things you love most. Our lives are so busy these days, a healthy active lifestyle has never been so 

important. Exercising your body and fuelling it with nutritious and healthy food is a sure fire way to feel amazing. I think it’s also important to pause sometimes. 

Take stock of what you have in life, stop and take in your environment, meditate, do yoga and breathe!!!  

  1. What 3 foods couldn’t you live without?

Lemons, avocados and Pink Himalayan Salt!

  1. Why are organic foods important to you?

To me it’s a cleaner way of eating with less toxins entering the body. Organic food tastes better, it’s often grown and sourced locally and is richer in nutrients like calcium, 

iron and vitamin C. It’s also a nice way to support local independent businesses – there are some incredible people out there producing really delicious organic food! 

  1. Profusion Cacao Nib Cashew Butter or Sprouted Almond Butter?

It’s a tricky one but for me it’s the Cacao Nib Cashew Butter – you can’t beat that combo of cashews with the subtle chocolate flavour! I use mine in smoothies and love a dollop on my breakfast bowls too.  All Profusion products are amazing!


New Organic Proats – High Protein Vegan Oats

Start your day the smart way with a bowl of creamy porridge that will keep you going until lunch time. Wholegrain oats, rice protein and linseeds come together in a plant based breakfast that is high in protein and fibre and low in sugar to provide slow released energy throughout your morning, keeping you fuller for longer and not leaving you crashing by 11am.

Use our delicious porridge as a blank canvas for your meal and to keep things exciting every morning. Sprinkle over some fruit, dollop on some nut butter and stir in some seeds for a breakfast that’s worth getting up for. They also make a great addition to smoothies and shakes to keep you going throughout the day.

The benefits of our Proats:

  • A 50g serving provides 10g of vegan, plant based PROTEIN to satisfy and sustain you until lunch
  • NO ADDED SUGAR means no sugar lows
  • FIBRE to help with digestion and slow released energy
  • Made with just three ORGANIC ingredients means no nasties


New Organic Superfood Kombucha

Believed to have originated more than 2000 years ago in China, where it was referred to as the ‘tea of immortality’ and the ‘elixir of life’, kombucha was taken to war by soldiers to keep them fit and healthy during battle. Made by fermenting tea with live cultures, kombucha is a living drink, with a natural light sparkle and a slightly tart taste. A small amount of sugar is needed to start the fermentation process but our kombucha is far healthier than other fizzy, caffeinated drinks on the market.

We use organic sencha green tea infused with the finest superfood ingredients, to make our new kombucha range. Choose from three refreshing and fruity flavours: baobab, mint and pomegranate, turmeric, ginger and lemon or maca, coconut and pineapple, all of which are raw, fermented and unpasteurised to invigorate and energise your body.