Profusion Kimchi

Incorporating fermented veggies in to your diet is a brilliant way to help keep friendly bacteria thriving. Profusion Organic Kimchi is made with fresh fermented cabbage and seasoned with chilli for a warm, spicy and tangy flavour. Add to salads, stir-fries or enjoy as a simple side dish. Your gut will thank us for it.

Profusion Kimchi 2

Have you tried our Kombucha?

Have you converted to Kombucha yet? This lightly sparkling fermented green tea drink is organic, raw and alive with all the good stuff. Full of friendly bacteria, it’s great for your digestion and will definitely put a spring in your step.

Profusion Kombucha 2

Happy Valentine’s Day from Profusion

Looking for a gift for your favourite foodie friend, this Valentines? Spread the love and give them a taste of the Himalayas with our beautiful Profusion Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Mill! A little twist in a dish makes all the difference.

Profusion Salt Mill 2